Accessing a specific service by its alias

Posted in General by TimHaydnJones Tue Jul 05 2016 16:22:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 977 times

Rather than using /device/list/all and having to parse through the returned list of devices to isolate a single endpoint, is it or might it be possible for an account holder to pass an alias name and then receive only details for that service? The volumes of units I have now is not high enough for /device/list/all to be a problem - just thinking about what would happen if there were hundreds or thousands of services registered for a single account. Thanks
Jimi Hendrix
July 6, 2016

We were envisioning that users can retrieve the "device/list/all" once ... and then store it locally (since it does not change unless devices are added/deleted which is not something that happens too frequently). Then you can use the UID and /device/connect to make connections. the only info in the device/list/all payload that is varying frequently (potentially) is the active / in-active state. maybe external and internal IP also. So we may need to add an API to return that info for a single UID.

July 8, 2016

Thanks - it would be nice if you could consider adding in an enhancement onto the roadmap. If what I am working on did take off, then my commercial account could have new services added all the time.

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