Using Weaved to Publish a Website & Webservice

Posted in General by Kirk Gray Wed Mar 29 2017 16:42:29 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 713 times

I have a web interface on a remote machine that can currently be accessed by VPN only. If I code a portal for my customers to use that uses the Weaved API, I should be able to re-direct my customers to the proxy returned by the API and the Web Interface should be accessible, correct? Since the interface is local or VPN only, It's using basic auth over http. I'm not sure how I can set up Certs for HTTPS since the weaved address is dynamic. Can anyone suggest a way to use https for a weaved service? And one last question. Is Weaved a full proxy. IE does all traffic go through weaved? Or does it just broker the initial connection and traffic go from source to destination after that?
Gary Worsham
May 19, 2017

Can you send the generated URL to your customers? Not directly. That URL is only valid for a period of time after which it disconnects. You can however "share" a device connection to other people, as long as they have a remot3.iot account. Sharing can easily be granted or revoked at any time.

If you simply use the results of the /device/connect returned URL, then all data goes through a proxy server. You can alternately create a peer to peer connection which requires a daemon to be running on the client side as well. This is documented for SSH at:

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